Goal 4
A powerfully connected university

Momentum: The Strategic Plan for Adelphi University, 2015–2021

We will extend the reach and resources of our community through a potent network of relationships. We’ll bring together faculty, staff, families, alumni and business and industry partners, maximizing our traditional associations here on Long Island as well as in the great city that is our neighbor.

Here is a sample of our key initiatives. / See some of our progress.

Develop University Pride

Inspire Alumni

Build a Robust Parents and Families Program

Develop University-Wide Strategic Partners Program

See some of our progress:

Adelphi Is Preparing for Emergencies, One Nail Salon at a Time
The isolation and challenges faced by Long Island nail salon workers—mostly immigrants with limited English—is a crucial problem for our area. Adelphi’s Center for Health Innovation has taken the lead on this issue by partnering with the Town of North Hempstead to create information packets in four languages to educate these workers, their families and communities on how to be prepared in the event of an emergency. This is just one inspiring example of how Adelphi is committed to helping people in our community.

› Read About Outreach to Immigrant Populations

New Study Outlines Long Island’s Long-Term Care Trends and the Future Impact of Its Aging Population
As the elderly population doubles, care delivery models must adapt, according to a comprehensive study commissioned by Adelphi’s Center for Health Innovation.

› Explore the Study

President Riordan Launches the Adelphi Momentum Tour
As part of her Adelphi Momentum Tour, President Christine M. Riordan will visit many cities where Adelphi’s alumni and parents live.

› See the Momentum Tour Schedule

Something to Talk About: TedxAdelphiUniversity Returns to Campus
For our second annual Tedx event, Adelphi’s Center for Health Innovation (CHI) has convened innovators and thought leaders from Adelphi and beyond to address the question: “What now?”

› Get Ready for TedXAdelphiUniversity

NYC Scholars Program Makes the City Its Classroom
Undergraduates can spend a semester living and learning in the greatest city in the world.

› Learn About the NYC Scholars Program

The President’s New Monthly eNewsletter Now Reaches More Than 130,000 in Third Month
This monthly newsletter goes out to a broad audience of parents, donors, fellow college presidents, guidance counselors and other peer influencers, and promotes and celebrates the president’s vision for the University. The news stories she selects tell the stories of student transformation at the heart of the new Adelphi University mission and strategy.

Connecting to Alumni Is Increasing Dramatically Through Alumnifire, an Online Networking Tool
Adelphi now has over 1,000 newly engaged alumni thus far. This will increase dramatically through our social alumni networking tool, Alumnifire. Alumnifire will help alumni connect with potential students, create internship opportunities, and create donor engagement and awareness.

› Get Connected on Alumnifire

Parent Database Is Finalized
Creating a parent database has been a critical need which is now being coordinated through the Division of Student Affairs. A parent newsletter is being planned. Parents will now receive the president’s newsletter to keep them engaged and informed.