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Goal 1
An emphasis on world-class academics

Momentum: The Strategic Plan for Adelphi University, 2015–2021

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Adelphi already offers the intellectual rigor and talented faculty that create a unique educational experience. We will enhance the value of an Adelphi degree by deepening the caliber of the teaching, the programs, and the research and creative work in order to increase the impact of every student’s (and professor’s) years with us.

Here is a sample of our key initiatives. / See some of our progress.

Enhance Academic Educational Experience

Engage in High-Impact Teaching and Learning for All Students

Build Faculty Strength

Enhance Adelphi’s Global Engagement

Engage in Smart Growth

See some of our progress:

Adelphi Launches MS in Professional Accounting
Adelphi began offering a new Master of Science program this spring term, one structured to help students prepare for and take the CPA Exam while in graduate school. The program provides advanced courses in all aspects of accounting, but its distinctive feature is its required on-campus exam prep classes led by Becker Professional Education. As the only university on Long Island or in Brooklyn or Queens to offer this review program on campus, Adelphi gives students the best opportunity to pass the CPA Exam before starting their careers, an accomplishment that greatly enhances their marketability.

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Chemistry Professor Teams With Students to Publish Journal Article
One of the top benefits of an Adelphi education is the ability to work directly with faculty members on research projects. In a number of cases, that work leads to publication. The most recent example is the article in the March 2019 issue of ACS Infectious Diseases by Brian Stockman, PhD, associate professor and Department of Chemistry chair, and five of his students. Titled “Ligand-Efficient Inhibitors of Trichomonas vaginalis Adenosine/Guanosine Preferring Nucleoside Ribohydrolase,” the article presents early-stage research on novel drug treatments for a nonviral sexually transmitted disease that is drug-resistant in an increasing number of cases. Novel antitrichomonal drugs resulting from research may be broadly applicable to infections caused by related parasites.

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Psychology Professor Named a Rising Star in Psychological Science
Dominic Fareri, PhD, assistant professor in the Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology, has been named a Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science. Dr. Fareri, who studies the way the social contexts of our daily environment shape our decisions, was selected for the honor for the quality of his research, the significance of his findings and their potentially broad impact. He is one of only four professors at New York universities chosen for this distinction.

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Adelphi Appoints New Deans
Adelphi has recently announced the appointment of Vincent Wang, PhD, and Elaine L. Smith ’78, MS ’88, EdD, RN, ANEF, to serve as deans, respectively, of the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Nursing and Public Health. Dr. Wang is currently a professor of politics and dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences at Ithaca College, where he has demonstrated his commitment to supporting faculty and students through proactive, innovative development of initiatives that expand and enrich their scholarly opportunities. He will arrive at Adelphi on July 1. Dr. Smith, who has served as interim dean of the College of Nursing and Public Health for the past 28 months, moved into her new role on March 16 after overseeing the growth of nursing into Adelphi’s largest College and its significant jump in the national rankings.”

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Adelphi Combines Disciplines in New Food Seminar
Adelphi’s growing emphasis on bringing together perspectives from different fields is producing a new seminar set to begin in fall 2019. Food for Thought: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Food Studies—led by Kathryn Krasinski, PhD, assistant professor of anthropology, and involving 10 faculty members from diverse academic areas—will guide students through a study of food in the context of cultural, environmental, social and political factors. Like other cross-disciplinary studies, the seminar is designed to help students develop critical-thinking skills and encourage exploration of topics from a variety of angles.

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New Mission and New Names at the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education
To better reflect Adelphi’s growing reputation as a robust intellectual environment where human health is a vital component of research and teaching, our Ruth S. Ammon School of Education has been renamed the College of Education and Health Sciences. The College will house two schools, the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education and the School of Health Sciences; the latter will hold the Department of Health and Sport Sciences and the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. We congratulate the many faculty members who contributed to this new administrative structure. Provost and Executive Vice President Steve Everett, DMA, said, “I am confident that this naming will be instrumental in highlighting and promoting the range of the excellent teaching and research occurring throughout the College.”

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A Worldwide Rising Star in Psychology Celebrated
Dominic Fareri, PhD, assistant professor in Adelphi’s Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology, has been named a Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science, an honor given to a handful of outstanding psychological scientists around the world in the early stages of their postgraduate research careers. Dr. Fareri is one of only four psychologists honored in the entire state of New York. We congratulate Dr. Fareri and Dean Jacques Barber, PhD, on garnering worldwide recognition for Derner.

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Adelphi Professor Leads Emergency Preparedness Efforts Across the Region
David R. Williams, Ed.D., clinical assistant professor in the College of Nursing and Public Health and director of Adelphi’s Emergency Management program, is called upon by organizations across the Northeast to train first responders as well as civilians. This fall, he facilitated an exercise in Mystic Harbor preparing the Coast Guard and the surrounding community to handle oil spills, served as the training specialist for the New York Wildfire and Incident Management Academy at Brookhaven National Laboratory, taught Multihazard Emergency Planning for Schools with the New York State Police and was certified as a trainer for the FEMA Emergency Management Institute’s Emergency Management Professional Program. Dr. Williams is an active member of the New York State Incident Management Team, responding to emergencies nationally at the direction of the governor of New York state.

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Adelphi Professor’s Influence is Out of This World
Adjunct Professor Sally Stieglitz, J.D., who is Adelphi’s digital learning and instruction librarian, is also an active presence in social media dedicated to the promotion of online accuracy. So when NASA looked for “social influencers” to come to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, for the landing of the InSight Mars lander’s touchdown on the red planet, she was chosen. It was the thrill of a lifetime, and a great honor, as she was one of only 30 social media reporters selected from more than 700 applicants.

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Adelphi Psychology Professor Identifies Predictor of Divorce
Does a husband’s disapproval of his wife’s friends increase the chances of divorce? Katherine L. Fiori, PhD, associate professor and department chair in the Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology, has found evidence that it does. Her findings, which were published in “’I Love You, Not Your Friends'” in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships and highlighted this October in the online newsletter PsyPost and in August in The Wall Street Journal, are based on data from a 16-year study tracking the marriages of about 375 newlyweds in Michigan. The data showed that when husbands expressed disapproval of their wives’ friends at the beginning of the study, the couples were more likely to be divorced within the first 16 years of marriage.

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Adelphi Professor Emerges as a Go-To Authority on the History of Parental Fears
Margaret M. Cassidy, PhD, professor of communications and department chair, attracted attention with the publication of her 2017 book, Children, Media, and American History: Printed Poison, Pernicious Stuff, and Other Terrible Temptations, about centuries of parental concern over new technologies. Now she’s frequently called upon by media to put today’s worries in perspective. In an Associated Press article that appeared in more than 200 national and international news outlets, Dr. Cassidy revisited a 1930s campaign to combat what was considered a menace in the 1930s—children’s radio shows. Led by a group of mothers from Scarsdale, New York, the campaign from the last century persuaded the National Association of Broadcasters to adopt a code of ethics promising not to glorify criminals, greed and disrespect for authority.

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Discovery by Adelphi Professor Changes Evolutionary Timeline
A journal article published by Assistant Biology Professor Michael D’Emic, PhD, demonstrates that flowering trees appeared in North America 15 million years earlier than previously thought. Based on his discovery and analysis of a massive petrified log in Utah in 2014, “A new fossil assemblage shows that large angiosperm trees grew in North America by the Turonian (Late Cretaceous),” was published in Science Advances on September 26. The news attracted the attention of several outlets including National Geographic, which published a story about it on the same day.

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New Hires Strengthen Faculty, Increase Diversity
Adelphi welcomed 26 new faculty members this fall, including 10 who are people of color. This ratio reflects Adelphi’s commitment to actively recruiting people of color for faculty positions as an important component of our Momentum initiative to become a model of diversity and inclusion. Overall, Adelphi has brought on six faculty members in the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business; five in Mathematics and Computer Science; four each in the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education and the College of Nursing and Public Health; two each in Environmental Studies, English and the Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology; and one in University Libraries.

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Viret Fellows Tackle Key University Projects
Viret Family Faculty Leadership Fellowships, endowed by a million-dollar donation from Lionel Viret ’95, give leadership development opportunities to faculty members who aspire to academic leadership positions. Fellowships are awarded each semester, this fall going to Salvatore Petrilli, Ed.D., and Zachary Johnson, PhD Dr. Petrilli, an associate professor and chair of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department, is taking a comprehensive look at Adelphi’s summer session course offerings and developing a summer enrollment strategy. Dr. Johnson, assistant professor of decision sciences and marketing, is helping develop concepts for a proposed Innovation Center, which would serve as home for interdisciplinary teaching and research partnerships between Adelphi and industry.

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Adelphi Prepares to Launch a Manhattan-Based MBA With a Global Focus
Adelphi is committed to developing new, highly relevant programs for graduate students. One of them is an innovative Manhattan-based MBA program with a global focus. Students will gain an international perspective on business in this highly personalized, hands-on MBA that will use the city as its classroom. The Global MBA is another way that we are creating life-changing experiences for students from all backgrounds.

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Our Nexus Building Is Transforming the Academic Experience
Our nursing and public health students shape their careers in its high-tech labs, while all students take advantage of expanded support services. This glass-walled architectural marvel is a place where students gather, share, learn and find common ground. And our experimental learning labs are preparing our nursing students for the real world, in extraordinary new ways. We even have our own simulated emergency room, delivery room and eldercare living room.

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Adelphi Department of Communications Professors Prepare Students for a New Journalism
The Department of Communications responds to government officials’ use of social media and dialogue with the press, preparing the next generation of reporters to navigate this changing field of journalism. Our faculty is focused on helping students prepare for careers in journalism, whatever the new challenges may be.

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Developments in Adelphi’s Computer Science Department Give Students New Opportunities in the Field
Top-notch course offerings and a Game Development Lab and Cybersecurity Lab help prepare students for technological challenges. Being ready for the next level in technology careers is vital as we graduate students into a $91 billion industry.

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NSF Grant Keeps Adelphi at the Forefront of Undergraduate Chemistry Research
Undergraduate students who work with Professor Maria Nagan, PhD, now have a supercomputer at their fingertips, thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation. Dr. Nagan is one of 27 elite members of the Molecular Education and Research Consortium in Undergraduate computational chemistRY (MERCURY), which means that the students who work in her lab can take advantage of the latest technologies for their research.

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Institute for Parenting Launches Infant Mental Health and Developmental Training Project
The first cohort of this grant-funded program—the first of its kind in our already renowned health science majors—launched in June 2016 with new cohorts each semester. This was also the first program of its kind in New York State.

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Research Day 2017 Is Expanding to Involve More Than 200 Students
Research Day has become a broader forum for faculty presentation of both scholarship and creative work.

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High-Impact Courses in Every Department
A newly formed task group has been instituted to seek out and develop high-impact courses which encourage and promote experiential learning across all departments and disciplines, including field work, clubs and volunteer activities. High-impact courses will be clearly noted with a special icon currently in development.

Faculty Search Committees Have Implemented Stronger Diversity Practices
In order to enable more diverse hiring reflective of our diverse student body, our Faculty Search Committees have implemented best practices, workshops and orientations.

Implemented the President’s Leadership Fellows Program
The first class of three women fellows have begun their work in understanding administration, communication, finance and all aspects of University leadership.

Implemented a Wide-Ranging Reputational Campaign
This campaign will reach 16,000 high school counselors and 6,000 college presidents, CEOs and chief academic officers to influence and increase our standing in state and national rankings.